The Shabbat Experience takes us on a journey as we become present to the magnificence of creation and all we have contributed throughout the week.

Accented by candlelight and set in the round, this non-traditional, meditative, musical “kabbalat Shabbat”, intends to create an intimate and transcendent atmosphere, that may allow us to open our hearts and deepen our sense of completion, connection and peace.  There is also an open invitation to wear white (optional) – to symbolize and manifest the reflecting of light – in all realms.

Hundreds of people have participated in the Shabbat Experience in Stamford, CT from diverse backgrounds.  Wherever we come from, as humans beings – we share the desire to feel a profound sense of purpose each week.  We want to know we make a difference for our loved ones and our community; that we are moving towards fulfilling on our dreams and feel ever closer to the Divine.  The Shabbat Experience hopes to be a bridge for some towards that light… may we breathe it in…

If you’re interested in bringing The Shabbat Experience to your community, I would love to collaborate with your Rabbi, Cantor, Song Leader or special group to design one that is the right fit for you.