Neshama Carlebach

Music written and produced by:

Beth Styles

Lyrics by:

Beth Styles, Neshama Carlebach, 

Jackie Tepper, Menachem Creditor, Tricia Small

Additional melodies weaved into ‘Believe’ & ‘Hear Our Prayer’:

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach


1. Believe   2. Don’t Let Me Go (Lev Tahor)   3. Hear Our Prayer  4. How Long  5. Praise (Adonai S’fatai)  6. Always With me

7. Shine    8. My Light (Adonai Ori)  9. Thank You (Modim)   10. Only Love   11. The Highest Place   12. Soul (Elohai Neshama)

It was It was deeply meaningful to collaborate with Neshama Carlebach on her new CD “Believe” and an honor to write and produce the music.

“Believe” brings 12 tracks of contemporary spiritual music with themes of divine love and light.  Neshama’s performance is stellar, with her signature rich, deep and soulful sound. It was awesome working with her band – an incredible group of musicians and amazing singers. Special thanks to executive producer, Jackie Tepper, who in addition to making this record possible, contributed greatly to the creative process.

Listen to the title track Believe