The Waggamuffins – “The Amazing, Singing, Animal Troupe!”

The Waggamuffins

WOW! Hold on to your hats… or rather tails, we should say! Laugh, sing and dance along with The Waggamuffins as they reveal their innermost thoughts through hilarious songs about their lives that will leave you in stitches.

Already capturing hearts around the globe, The Waggamuffins debut CD features clever lyrics with musical styles that include Jazz, Salsa, Reggae, Broadway and Pop. These colorful characters include 4 cats, 7 dogs, a quite unique rabbit, a snake and turtle who are terrarium roommates, a French Parrot and “Blubbalubba” the goldfish.

The Waggamuffins is the best of family entertainment geared for both kids and adults. And, if you’re a pet lover, you are guaranteed to fall head-over-heels in love with this adorable singing troupe!

The Waggamuffins is brought to you by B. Styles Productions, Inc.. “Our goal is to bring entertainment and joy to animal-loving families, both children and adults, through exciting and creative music sung from a ‘pets-eye view'”.

B. Styles Productions, Inc. is an innovative music production company based in Stamford, CT.

Music written, arranged and produced by: Beth Styles

Lyrics by: Beth Styles, Damon Young

Executive Producer: Tricia Small

Singing Characters:
Nick Cogan (Baxter, Glenn, Blubbalubba)
Michael Kimberg (Wagger)
Mary O’hare (Peaches)
Peter Small (Rowdy)
Tricia Small (Sarah, Cinnamon Rabbit)
Beth Styles (Boomer, Ginger, Marsha Kitty, Mimi, Murphy)
Damon Young (Rocky, Toy Dog)
Preston Young (Mauricio)