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I am beyond excited to share my new art series with you that just premiered at the Jewish Arts & Film Festival of Fairfield County.  It is called “SONG OF THE SEAS: Bodies of Water in Israel.  This work in Oil and Acrylic intends to depict the majesty and spirit of the beautiful seas and lakes of Israel. I have always been a lover of water and all things nautical so it felt inspiring and even holy to paint the waters of Israel. I have savored every moment of paint on my brush, seeing the colors come to life on canvas.

Painting is the newest expression of my heart, as I usually create in the realm of music. As a composer of contemporary and traditional Jewish liturgical music, one of the prayers that resonates powerfully with me is known as “The Song of the Sea”, which the Israelites sang as they successfully crossed the Red Sea. This song, “Mi Chamocha – Who is Like You Oh God?” has been the soul and inspiration for this series.  One of the paintings 5′ x 6′ – “Yam Suf” is a reflection of this song.

The pieces shown here are  36″ x 60″ panels priced at $1800/each.  I will also create an original work at any size per request.  If you’re interested in commissioning a piece, please feel free to contact me through this site.  I would be DELIGHTED!   Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you enjoy!

This 5 by 6 foot painting of “Yam Suf” – the splitting of the Red Sea, was featured on our wall this past Passover 2017.  It definitely brought the drama right into our family Seder :).